Portrait Drawing – How To Draw Realistic Long-Wavy Hair

Drawing Long Hair In Portrait Drawing

In this tutorial on portrait drawing, you are going to learn how to draw long wavy hair.

Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercises

Wavy Blond Hair Technique

Drawing wavy blond hair is the same technique that you learn in the mastery course.

In this exercise you’re going to learn how to apply the technique in drawing wavy blond hair. Not only that, you will also learn to observe the tone. The reason that I want you to keep learning how to observe tone  is because it is really very important to create a high contrast portrait which can lead to a more realistic pencil portrait.

For this exercise, let’s focus on drawing the wavy hair at the bottom left of the picture.


Step 1: Take your time to draw the outline of the hair.


Step 2: Start by shading just one area.


Step 3: Continue by shading that one area.


Step 4: After finished shading, use the kneaded eraser to create fly-away hairs. If the fly-away hairs are too light, just use a 2H pencil to make it darker.


Repeat the process of step 2, step 3 and step 4 to finish drawing the hair. For this exercise, apply the same technique to wavy blond hair and learn to observe the tone more in detail. Remember to compare tones while observing. It may take some time at first, but once you’re able to get the hang of it, the whole process will be much easier and of course faster.

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